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Coaching and Mentoring

I offer coaching and mentoring. This will help you achieve success and fulfilment in your personal or professional life and unlock your potential.

In your personal life I will help you raise your awareness of what matters to you and support you to explore your core values, beliefs and development needs. This will allow you to make new conscious choices and translate them into meaningful action.

I offer mentoring to support you in a range of situations. For example, if you’re a university student I can provide mentoring to support your wellbeing and help you overcome any barriers to your learning so you can successfully complete your coursework and assignments. Mentoring support is to help you work through the practical and emotional aspects of your work or studies.

Business and Career Coaching will enable you to create change and success in your professional life, allowing you to maximise your performance and achieve your goals. You can make significant progress in your leadership in many areas, for example dealing with and resolving conflict, transitioning into a more senior role or building effective high performing teams. Alternatively you can focus on improving your work / life balance or finding a more satisfying career - for example by working on your interview skills, your all round confidence or improving your CV. With experience coaching directors, management and individuals, I am well placed to help you recognise your goals and fulfil your potential.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact me on either:

07734 297 637 or
01962 771765, or email me grahamshavick@btinternet.com