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Bereavement Counselling

Losing someone you were very close to can be traumatic and very shocking. There are practical distractions in the early days and sympathetic ears, but in time loneliness, isolation and anxiety can set in which can feel completely overwhelming. As time moves on family, friends and colleagues may avoid talking about your painful feelings, they may not know what to say, or find it hard to listen to you.

You may think or feel that life is pointless, things don't matter anymore, it has lost meaning you once had. It doesn't seem possible that time will eventually heal. Things can be even harder if you had mixed feelings about the person who has died and find it hard to acknowledge this to yourself or others.

Many people really struggle dealing with loss, and may want to block out and not feel the intense feelings that can arise over time. However, this may lead to difficulties in other relationships or work. It is preferable to allow yourself to feel and express your emotions, because blocking the grieving process can delay the return of hope that life is worth living and have a detrimental affect on your health.

Bereavement counselling can help you to express and talk through very difficult feelings, which could eventually lead to hope and finding meaning in life.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact me on either:

01962 771765 or
07734 297 637, or email me grahamshavick@btinternet.com