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  • Are you having relationship issues?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?
  • Are you struggling with family or stepfamily relationships?
  • Do you need help in your work or finding a more satisfying career?
  • Have you recently experienced any kind of loss and are finding life overwhelming?

At these times psychotherapy, counselling or coaching can be of benefit. Depending on what you need, you could consider having long term in-depth psychotherapy, or work short term on specific issues. I can work alongside you, supporting you in gaining greater self-awareness and insight, and challenging you where appropriate. I work with individuals, couples and families. Psychotherapy can feel like a big commitment, but the benefits can feel really significant. For help in dealing with any life difficulties or issues contact me now.



"I had nearly six months of sessions with Graham during a challenging period in my life, when work difficulties and life-stage changes came all at once. With patience and compassion, his counselling gently helped me to navigate some complex situations and relationships. His approach combines practical guidance with a deeper exploration of the inner self. I would recommend him highly."


“I contacted Graham earlier this year. He was back to me very quickly to fix a time to meet as I was on the verge of committing suicide. Life then seemed utterly futile, no point whatsoever. I was emotionally wrecked and at the lowest point in my life. At that moment in time I knew there was something desperately wrong but could see no way to ‘self-fix’.

Graham was patient, and over a period of time opened my mind up to possibilities by helping me understand myself better. He has a natural ability to ‘plant’ ideas that indirectly encouraged me to think in a different manner, helping me to take on a very different mindset. He is totally non-judgemental, has a very gentle questioning style and knew best how to help my personality.

I just wanted to let you know that it seems that I have turned the corner and now feel much more positive and look forward to each day. I believe Graham has helped me, albeit without the magic wand.”

This client has offered permission to be contacted if you would like to hear more how he was helped.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact me on either:

07734 297 637 or
01962 771765, or email me grahamshavick@btinternet.com